Customer Support

Merchant Link’s “One Call Solves All” service philosophy means we resolve your problem directly or coordinate all of the subsequent actions necessary to correct an issue.

Acting as the merchant advocate and hub in the payment infrastructure, we’re uniquely positioned to work directly with the processors, card associations and software vendors to solve any service issue you may have, no matter where it occurs.

The Merchant Link Service Delivery Group is comprised of four teams working together to ensure timely, customer-centric service for your payment transactions.



The Implementation Team interfaces with processors, vendors, merchants and dealers to obtain all necessary information to ensure an accurate and smooth installation.

Services include:

  • Verification of Merchant/Terminal IDs
  • Gateway Configuration
  • Testing, Review and Quality Control
  • AMEX Direct Connection Setup
  • Change of Ownership
  • Conversions and Major Account Rollouts
  • Gift Card Set Up and ID Testing
  • Service Order “Dealer” Status Reports

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The Installation Team provides fast, efficient, problem-free installations with service uniquely specialized to your needs.

Services include:

  • Payment Module Configuration
  • Transaction Testing
  • Batch Settlement Verification
  • Conversions and Major Account Rollouts

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The Technical Support Team provides comprehensive, expert assistance to merchants and dealers for issues related to reporting, authorization and settlement.

Services include:

  • Call Center Support
  • End-to-End Troubleshooting
  • Credit Card Number Lookup (“CCLookUp”)
  • BizPortalTM Gateway Reporting Setup

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The Financial Resolution Team assists with batch recovery and corrections. From processing credits to a full batch rekey, we save merchants more than $7 million each year in recovered funds.

Services include:

  • Verification with the processor, bank and card associations
  • Research
  • Partial Batch Rekeys
  • Full Rekeys

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