PCI Compliance

Payment Data Security

As businesses struggle to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals and stay out of the latest data breach headlines, CIOs and IT managers are adopting a layered approach to security and seeking to secure credit card and payment data at every point as it travels through and from the merchant environment.

Merchant Link offers the powerful combination of TransactionVault® tokenization and TransactionShield® point-to-point encryption solutions. Together they encrypt cardholder data at swipe and return meaningless tokens to the point-of-sale, protecting sensitive cardholder data in-flight and at rest.

Provided all data is collected through a secure encrypting device, the end result is that no unencrypted cardholder data is present in the POS or PMS system. By encrypting at swipe and tokenizing, businesses can protect themselves from malware and other security breaches that attempt to retrieve cardholder data in the clear from their systems.

What Sets Our Secure Credit Card Solutions Apart

Unlike other vendors that store sensitive data within merchant servers, we encrypt card information immediately, dramatically reducing the risk of compromised data. Decryption occurs within our network in the cloud.

A unique aspect of our tokenization solution is using either transaction-based (single-use) tokens or card-based (multi-use tokens) depending on your needs and preferences.

By employing multi-use tokens in both card-present and card-not-present environments, we enable tracking of customer purchasing activity across every channel.

Not only do you benefit from enhanced data security and customer analytics, but you also avoid significant changes to your hardware or IT infrastructure since our solution is cloud-based.