Cost Savings

Merchant Link products and services are designed to remove the complexity and risk from payments while providing a significant return on investment.

Reducing the Cost of Compliance

The larger your business and transaction volume, the more PCI compliance can cost. Merchant Link’s payment data security solutions simplify and reduce PCI scope and cost for businesses large and small by eliminating the storage of cardholder data on your network all together.

Avoiding Costly Data Breaches

Numerous reports over the years have shed light on the actual costs incurred by businesses that experience a data breach, both in terms of dollars and damage to brand reputation. According to the Ponemon Institute’s 2013 Global Cost of a Data Breach study, U.S. businesses pay an average cost of $5.4 million per data breach, or $188 per lost record. Merchant Link’s payment data security solutions greatly reduce the risk of a breach by removing all customer cardholder data from the merchant environment. No data means there is nothing to steal.

Removing the Need for Additional Third Party Hardware or Software

Moving to Merchant Link’s 100% hosted architecture means:

  • No additional hardware or software to deploy
  • Minimal configuration process
  • Easy to update and change

Maintaining Flexibility and Control Over Rates

A key advantage of utilizing the Merchant Link Payment GatewayTM is the ability to switch between payment providers quickly and efficiently, keeping you in control of offerings and rates. Whether you want to change your front-end systems or back-end processors, having a gateway in the middle affords you the flexibility to change and grow as your business needs dictate.

Saving Time and Money When Issues Arise

Even the very best services, technology and systems sometimes fail. When they do and transactions are lost, Merchant Link steps in to protect the merchant. Merchant Link’s Financial Resolution Team recovers millions of dollars of lost transactions on behalf of merchants every year, and our industry-leading “One Call Solves All” support eliminates time spent tracking down resolution.

Routing Direct to Non-Association Card Types

Our direct connection to non-association card types such as American Express expedites payment while lowering processing costs. Merchants can save up to $.20 per transaction on the re-direct fees associated with these transactions.

Increasing Operational Efficiency

Besides providing a fast and secure network to send payments, our gateway service detects and corrects errors along the way.

  • Our Duplicate Transaction Prevention System helps prevent expensive chargeback fees.
  • Our Rejected Batch Recovery System proactively alerts us if a batch is not processed so we can fix and resubmit it, ensuring you get funded on-time and avoid late batch fees.
  • Our BizPortalTM web-based reporting solution allows you to view and manage all credit card activity at an enterprise level.