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TransactionShield® Point-to-Point Encryption

When it comes to data theft, reports indicate that hackers’ preferred target is data “in transit.” With TransactionShield, you can protect data as it travels through your IT environment.

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TransactionVault® Tokenization

As a cloud-based tokenization solution, TransactionVault ensures that stored payment data is completely removed from the local IT environment. We began tokenizing cardholder data in 2006 and now process more than 2 billion transactions annually through TransactionVault.



Why Merchant Link?

It’s not enough to deliver more than 20 years of the best payment and data security solutions in the industry. We’ve also got your back with superior service and technical support to assist you every step of the way.

Discover why more than 300,000 locations and counting rely on Merchant Link:


  • A relentless commitment to one-stop-shop support service, fully owning the problem versus re-directing it or “ping-ponging” you to your bank, POS or processor to solve the issue


  • Enjoy peace-of-mind knowing your transactions are routed reliably by two fully redundant data centers with a 99.99% uptime record


  • Take advantage of our 20+ years of proven experience, with security solutions live and in production at some of the world’s largest retail, restaurant and lodging chains


  • Save time and money with additional services such as proactive batch monitoring, funds research and rekey services, as well as AMEX Direct

Security and Scalability

  • Grow and adapt to changing payment and business needs with cloud-based, secure and scalable payment solutions

Custom Approach

  • Enjoy personalized solutions that are highly customized to your needs and timeline