TransactionVault® Tokenization

vault_mediumRemove the Data, Remove the Risk

TransactionVault is a proven, cost-effective tokenization solution that:

  • Removes cardholder data from merchants’ systems and stores it in a secure, hosted “vault” – away from the business and safe from hackers
  • Utilizes next generation token technology, enhancing customer profiles and marketing efforts
  • Integrates seamlessly into existing business processes

As a cloud-based tokenization solution, TransactionVault ensures that stored payment data is completely removed from the local IT environment. We began tokenizing cardholder data in 2006 and now process more than 2 billion transactions annually through TransactionVault.

How Our Tokenization Solution Works

TransactionVault technology works through the Merchant Link infrastructure at the point of sale so that the POS or PMS never sees or stores sensitive credit card information.

Cardholder data is captured and replaced with tokens that safely live inside the merchant’s POS or PMS system, CRM records, etc. In all subsequent communications, the credit card is referenced using the token.

This solution effectively reduces the risk of a breach and addresses the third requirement in the PCI Standard, “Protect Stored Data.” Should a credit card number actually find its way to a data thief, it will be nothing more than a meaningless, useless token.

TransactionVault tokens are:
Card-Based: Tokens remain associated with the card (vs. a transaction) so they can be used for folio consolidation, customer analytics and cross-channel tracking, velocity checking and fraud prevention, and marketing purposes
Format-Preserving: Tokens are 16 digits in length and pass credit card validity checks, so they fit into existing reporting, receipts and databases