TransactionShield® Point-to-Point Encryption

shield_medium(1)Protect Data at Every Point

When it comes to data theft, reports indicate that hackers’ preferred target is data “in transit.” With TransactionShield, you can protect data as it travels through your IT environment:

  • Encrypts cardholder data using industry-recognized standards and methods, rendering data unreadable and unusable to cyber criminals
  • Utilizes cloud-based decryption so you no longer have decrypted data in your environment
  • Integrates with any encrypting device, offering you flexibility in your hardware solutions

Data Encryption and Decryption: How It Works

Working with industry leaders and dedicated partners to encrypt sensitive credit card information, Merchant Link protects data in-flight at the point of interaction (POI) and as it travels through your IT environment.
Depending on your hardware, the POI may be within the actual magnetic stripe reader at the point of swipe or within a point-of-sale terminal or workstation. Decryption occurs within Merchant Link’s hosted payment gateway.
This cloud- based decryption dramatically reduces the risk of compromised data as it removes all unencrypted data from the merchant environment.

Designed for Flexibility

Today merchants need payment solutions that provide both protection and flexibility to grow and adapt to changing business needs. TransactionShield is one of the most flexible point-to-point encryption solutions in the marketplace today with:

  • Ability to support any point of interaction (POI)
  • Interfaces to multiple encryption vendors
  • Connectivity to all major processors including the option to connect to multiple processors simultaneously (Amex, private label, gift cards, etc.)