TransactionLink™ EMV Solution

link3-01(2)Payment Processing is becoming more complex. Changing PCI regulations, EMV, and a constantly expanding set of alternative payment offerings make it challenging for a merchant to stay current. TransactionLink™ by Merchant Link is designed to address that challenge. Through either a hardware appliance or software co-resident with the POS, TransactionLink removes any card data from touching the merchant’s POS or back office systems.

Simplify Payments

Merchant Link’s TransactionLink™ solution extends the flexibility we are known for, facilitating EMV and new payments types, as well as eliminating the need for PA-DSS assessments. The Solution:

  • Simplifies acceptance of new forms of electronic payment without costly changes to the integrated point-of-sale system (IPOS). The IPOS merely needs to request payment and indicate an amount and Merchant Link takes over from there.
  • Interacts with new EMV and customer-facing devices to prompt the consumer, request funds, manage all error conditions and finally deliver completed transactions back to the IPOS. Along with the authorization, Merchant Link informs the IPOS of how the transaction was tendered. Through TransactionLink, the move to EMV can be as easy as the flip of a switch. For full service restaurants, TransactionLink is designed to support pay-at-the-table as well as traditional customer-facing devices.
  • Saves time and money on PA-DSS assessments by eliminating the need for IPOS systems to handle credit card data at all. With TransactionLink, no credit card data is ever passed to the point-of-sale, either encrypted or in the clear. Together with Merchant Link’s TransactionVault® and TransactionShield®, this solution adds another layer of protection by never introducing any sensitive cardholder data to the POS environment.
  • Provides a simple API to maximize the use of customer-facing devices, turning them into customer points of interaction. With TransactionLink customer-facing devices can be used for non-payment interactions; customer messaging and feedback, digital signage, detailed receipt display, and signature capture.

Hardware Option

The initial release of TransactionLink utilizes a hardware appliance to totally remove all aspect of payment processing from the IPOS environment. This solution utilizes a small site-based hardware appliance to manage the process of driving the points of interaction and formatting a message to be delivered to the Merchant Link Gateway. The appliance manages the total customer payment interaction while still allowing the merchant to control the user experience.

  • Secure API – use local sockets, embedded ActiveX or .NET Controls or even file drop
  • Complete integration with TransactionVault and TransactionShield for tokenization point-to-point encryption
  • Our easy-to-use, web-based reporting solution allows you to view and manage all credit card activity at an enterprise level.

Coming soon to TransactionLink is a software based solution as well. Through software which co-resides on a merchants IPOS workstations or controller, merchants will be able to recognize the same benefits as the TransactionLink hardware edition, without the need to add additional hardware to their store environment. Both solutions are designed to simplify the payment experience for the IPOS, the merchant, and most important, the consumer.


  • Reduce EMV complexity
  • Full payment integration: Scrolling receipt, 2-way customer interaction, PIN debit
  • Keep all card data from POS
  • Terminal management and alerts
  • Quickly add new payment options
  • Reduce merchant PCI scope