E-commerce Solutions

icon_ecommerce_newMerchant Link’s e-commerce solutions provide all the security and flexibility you need to process payments online and in card-not-present environments.

Integration Options

Merchants can integrate to our payment gateway for e-commerce transactions via DirectAPI or Hosted Payment Form.

  • Our Hosted Payment Form option significantly lowers risk, PCI scope and cost by preventing merchant exposure to cardholder data.
  • Our DirectAPI option lets you collect and send cardholder data, enabling a variety of applications including websites, mobile apps, IVR, call center transactions, and MOTO (mail order, telephone order).

Seamless TransactionVault® Integration

Merchant Link’s e-commerce solutions are integrated with our TransactionVault tokenization solution to protect data residing on your network and enable seamless support and reporting services for multiple payment types and data streams.

TransactionVault utilizes card-based, or multi-use tokens, meaning that within a brand, the same token is assigned to a customer credit card regardless of where, when or how it is input. This assists merchants with customer analytics, folio consolidation and marketing efforts, as well as loss prevention.

Key Features and Advantages Hosted Payment Form DirectAPI
Enables a seamless user experience icon_checkmark icon_checkmark
Preserves brand look and feel, allowing merchant full control over the format of pages presented (avoids the use of structures like iFrames) icon_checkmark icon_checkmark
Preserves workflow and allows merchant full control over the user experience icon_checkmark icon_checkmark
Allows collection of additional information on the form such as discount coupon code, loyalty program identifier, shipping address, shipping method, etc. icon_checkmark icon_checkmark
Frees the merchant from having to store, transmit or process sensitive payment data icon_checkmark  
Shifts PCI burden to Merchant Link, reducing PCI scope and cost icon_checkmark  
Supports either “authorize and capture” or “capture on authorization” transactions icon_checkmark icon_checkmark
Allows quick and easy deployment icon_checkmark icon_checkmark
Includes ePortal, a web-based reporting solution to monitor transactions icon_checkmark icon_checkmark
Supports alternative payments such as PayPal icon_checkmark icon_checkmark
Supports international expansion icon_checkmark icon_checkmark