BizPortal™ Web-Based Reporting

bizportal_new(1)Running a profitable business requires access to the right data to make the right decisions.

BizPortalTM, our online reporting solution, enables you to detect both patterns and problems with a real-time, consolidated view of your credit card and payment transactions.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Data anytime, anywhere. BizPortal is a web-based solution, enabling access to transaction data wherever you have an internet connection. Historic and current transaction activity can be viewed in real time.
  • Alert indicators. If a batch or transaction fails, duplicates or does not settle, the data is automatically highlighted in BizPortal. Prompt action to correct the issue can help reduce the risk of downgrades and prevent charge backs and association penalties.
  • Full or focused visibility. Gain actionable insights into your business with the ability to view and manage all credit card activity at an enterprise level, all the way down to a site and/or terminal level.
  • Detailed drill-down capability*. Drill down into batch and transaction details using expandable hierarchical menus. Sort transaction data by card number, date/time, entry method, transaction type or transaction amount.
  • Convenient export options. Save, distribute and further analyze your transaction data by exporting reports to PDF or Excel.
  • Multiple search and query options*. A wide range of search options allows you to view and search for different types of data such as approved or failed authorizations, pin debit or credit card transactions, voided or reversed transactions, and much more.
  • Organizational permissions. Limit and control visibility permissions by employee role or need. User access can be granted at an enterprise level all the way down to a site and/or terminal level.
  • Processor-neutral. BizPortal’s reporting format and structure is processor-neutral, so a change of service will not impact your enterprise reporting data.
  • Easy to use. The solution’s straightforward design and intuitive interface of tabs and drop-down lists is easy to navigate so you get to the information you’re seeking quickly and efficiently.
*Access and feature functionality may vary depending upon industry and product use.