Supporting Restaurant Payment and PCI Needs


How can Merchant Link
help my restaurant?

For busy restaurateurs, managing payments and PCI is just one of the responsibilities on your plate. Large chains, quick- and full-service restaurants rely on us to securely route their payments quickly and accurately.

Our gateway is designed to support restaurant payments with an initial authorization for the check amount followed by an adjustment for the tip.

If there are settlement issues, our team pro-actively supports you to prevent charge backs and lost revenue.

How will Merchant Link support me?

Merchant Link began as a customer service organization more than 20 years ago, so our commitment to customers is in our DNA.

Our commitment begins with a hands-on implementation approach and continues every day we are needed after launch and beyond.

That high level of support coupled with our reliable, cloud-based network, means restaurateurs can be sure they receive their payments and their customers’ data will remain safe.