Helping Hoteliers Manage Payments in a Complex Environment


How can Merchant Link
help my hospitality

We know that hoteliers and hospitality business owners manage a complex IT environment with a variety of systems that capture, transmit and store payment data.

From front desk terminals, property management and point-of-sale systems to booking websites and back office ccounting systems, the challenge is to protect guest data while maintaining the flexibility needed for daily operations.

We offer a powerful suite of products for hoteliers to manage transactions in today’s complex and changing payment landscape.

How will Merchant Link support me?

Merchant Link began as a customer service organization more than 20 years ago, so our commitment to customers is in our DNA.

Our commitment begins with a hands-on implementation approach and continues every day we are needed after launch and beyond.

This high level of support is coupled with services such as our Offsetting Transaction Prevention System that prevent errors from showing up on guest statements and our high-speed transaction network that helps check-in lines move quickly.