Customer Testimonials

More than 300,000 locations rely on Merchant Link to support their payments. Below are just a few examples of the positive feedback we receive from customers about our products and services.

“Merchant link worked perfectly without a hitch. I’m overwhelmingly impressed on how simple it was to get setup and operational, and also how fast processing is with Merchant Link. You and your team really came through in a big way for me and this merchant. Thank you for all of your efforts and management of this first customer go live.”

– Daniel Baron, CEO, SmartTAB

“We wanted to ensure we were doing all we could to ease PCI compliance efforts and protect customer data as we continue to grow. At the same time, we discovered the value of having a gateway in the middle to support changes we make in the future.”

– Ron Huisinga, IT Director, Petsense

“Merchant Link’s TransactionVault product for Opera has allowed our organization to mitigate real world PCI risk. This technology has enabled us to focus equally on other, revenue and customer service impacting initiatives while still maintaining compliance. Additionally, Merchant Link has been an invaluable partner during times of rapid growth. They are always incredibly responsive.”

– Michael Stano, Chief Technology Officer, Highgate Hotels

“As a result of our direct relationship with Merchant Link, the Georgia Center was able to easily and rapidly adopt point-to-point encryption technologies in our hotel PMS system. This provides our guests with the strongest levels of PCI credit card security available today. We have no doubt Merchant Link will remain a key partner and industry leader as we move forward to achieve point-to-point encryption in our POS systems within restaurant and retail outlet solutions this year. They are by far the most responsive and helpful gateway vendor I have ever worked with in the past 13 years of my service at Georgia Center.”

– Corey Doster, IT Director, UGA–Georgia Center

“We selected Merchant Link after conducting an exhaustive search and evaluation process that ultimately revealed we had the most reliable, flexible, secure and scalable solution on the market today. The company’s comprehensive support services for our franchisees and their tight integration with MICROS POS systems further set them apart.”

– Randy Bogart, Executive Director of IT, IHOP

“As credit card data breaches continue to make headlines, and as we continue to grow our business, we knew we had to do everything possible to secure the personal data of our guests. Merchant Link’s hosted solution secures cardholder data from the moment of capture and ensures data is not stored anywhere on premise. The solution also helps ease PCI compliance effort and cost for our franchisees.”

– Mark Nicpon, CIO, AmericInn

“We wanted to ensure that our guests could receive the highest level of commitment to the security and integrity of their sensitive and personal data. TransactionVault offered what we needed from a technical standpoint, and more importantly, what we knew we wanted for our guests.”

– Don Viette, Senior Vice President and CIO, Carlson Restaurants Worldwide

“At Red Lion we’ve already implemented both tokenization and P2PE. We will incorporate EMV into our security infrastructure when our software and hardware vendors make that technology available. In our experience, security technologies such as tokenization and P2PE complement the compliance effort because they enable a significant reduction in both scope and risk. We think these technologies make achieving and maintaining compliance more realistic and affordable.”

– David Barbieri, Senior Vice President and CIO, Red Lion Hotels