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Customer Service: The Secret Sauce


pete1Wow, just like that I am already 30+ days into my new position with Merchant Link! So far, as expected, it has been a great experience. I am learning a lot about Merchant Link’s systems, solutions, and most importantly the terrific employees here.

While being a customer of Merchant Link for 20+ years, I was always amazed at how well they took care of me and my clients. Whether it was innovating new solutions, a rush order request, a credit card batch issue, or a concerned customer needing technical support, Merchant Link always seemed to be able to address the issue quickly and professionally.

Just yesterday I was in a client meeting where the customer made a point of praising two people in our organization that were instrumental in helping them with support and implementation needs over the past couple of months. What a wonderful thing to hear.

As I have made my way around to meet with all of the departments and to meet the people behind the company, one thing is becoming clearly evident – the “secret sauce” behind Merchant Link’s reputation for excellent products, support and service is the terrific team of employees and their genuine care and concern for our customers.

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