Our Core Values

These key principles guide us in our daily interactions and decision-making.


core-values-teamworkCommitment to Teamwork

We are driven by a single, shared objective: to bring the world together through secure and reliable payments. Our collective expertise as trusted advisors sets us apart from the competition and enables us to maintain a leadership position in the payments industry.

open_honestOpen, Honest Communication

We believe that maintaining respectful and constructive exchange builds trust and is in the best interest of our colleagues and our clients.

core-values-respectMutual Respect and Trust

We act with integrity and fairness, whether negotiating a contract, responding to a customer service need or simply talking with peers around the water cooler.

core-values-leaders(2)Leaders that Serve

We continue to learn and share knowledge with others, and never pass up an opportunity to lead by example or inspire others to succeed.

core-values-accountableAccountable to Self and Others

Take ownership of our work and responsibility for achieving goals. We live up to the commitments we make to colleagues and to clients, seeing things through from start to finish and building on success.

core-values-customer-focusCustomer Focus

Each of us is committed to exceed the expectations of colleagues and clients. We keep ourselves well-educated about our business. We are proactive and work together to meet our clients’ needs.